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Custom Post Types

IN the plugin, choosing a post status to assign to the deleted post, all the choices your plugin provides are,


I cannot use deleted, nor draft or private. I use those for other reasons on my site that manages event postings (a lot of them).

I created a custom post status type – “Expired”, just for the use of this plugin, but your plugin won’t list the status “Expired” because your post status list is hard coded and won’t draw from WordPress.

I can edit your plugin file to list it, but this makes unnecessary repetitive work because of updates.

So here is my suggestion (request) for your next update. Include the ability to draw the list of post status types instead of hard coding the list, if that is possible. This way, for souls like myself who custom code things to avoid too many plugins, your plugin can draw from a revised post type status list and use it.

Note, I did the custom feature using the Child theme – function.php file.

Also Note, some features should not be determined by popularity when it comes to a better function or ability of the plugin as with this one. Your popularity will grow after it is included in the plugin, not before.

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