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add the ability to sort/display posts by expiration date, nearest first (event list)


I need a category or custom type of posts that
1. Expires at a predetermined date & time.
2. Is displayed in order of expiration date, soonest first.

I'm sure this would be wanted a lot, but I can't find anything suitable anywhere. I have searched everywhere and every forum. I'm sorry if I've missed something previously answered here - I did look.

I don't want a calendar, just some extra functionality for posts.

As as interim, I have installed a plugin to expire the posts, but they still display in order of date published. Manually setting the publishing date to further and further in the past is an option, I guess, but not at all ELEGANT. This is meant to be used by clients, so I'm hoping I'm not the only one.

The website is http://www.TwinRivers.org.au. The actual page I'm perfecting is http://twinrivers.org.au/church/events/

The goal is to have a page template "Blog Page" with the blurb up the top & the posts listed beneath, in ascending order (soonest date first). A nice extra would be to have featured/sticky posts then normal, all sorted as above.

Am I smoking something too strong for me???

Thanks in advance

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    This is exactly what I need as well. I see a lot of threads about this with complicated back end solutions. Seems like a fairly practical feature.

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